The Importance of Licensing & Insurance

The Importance of Licensing & Insurance

When it’s time to find a roofing contractor to take care of any roofing needs you may have, be they residential or commercial, you should always stick to contractor who come to you with full licensing and insurance coverage. Nothing could be more important than making sure they’re legitimate and these documents will give you the clearest indication of all that the company is on the up and up. See, roofing is what’s known as a low-barrier-to-entry industry. That means that anyone with the tools and a little experience can call themselves a roofer when talking to a customer. But just because they claim to be a professional does not make it so.

Real roofing professionals come prepared to answer questions about their licensing and insurance policies. Companies like Keystone Roofing Systems have been doing this for years and have everything ready when we arrive at the property. There’s no excuses or reasons why we forgot it or didn’t think to bring it for an estimate. That’s what bad apples will say and you should avoid those like the dangerous outfits they are. That’s right – dangerous is exactly what they are. Here’s how:

  • They don’t pay taxes or licensing fees.
  • They don’t have access to vendors and materials.
  • No insurance means no coverage if something goes wrong.
  • They steal work from legitimate roofers who support the community.

Licensing and insurance coverage is the most basic element of roofing and a roofing company and as such it should never be overlooked. It can be too damaging to think that a price is too good to pass up when that price is only possible because the contractor is skipping out on their responsibilities as a legitimate business. Don’t empower those people with your patronage. Call on a reliable, trusted roofing team with full licensing and insurance coverage in place to protect you and the team doing the roofing. Call (912) 678-4288 or submit a contact form to schedule an estimate with the top roofing team in town – Keystone Roofing Systems!

Keystone Roofing Systems is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor offering affordable residential roofing services across Georgia and South Carolina.

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