Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

When you need a roofing contractor to help you with roofing of any kind – be it roof repair, roof replacement or new roof installation – you need to make sure that the roofer you choose is the right one for the job. This isn’t as simple as it may seem at first glance so the team at Keystone Roofing Systems has put together a few important items to check off as you make your way through the roofing process from first phone call to the estimate to the contract to the final inspection. We’ll start where every customer does – with the search.

Starting Your Search

Okay, you need a roofer so you do what exactly? Do you call relatives or friends and ask them about past experiences with roofers? Do you just search “roofing” on Google and check reviews? Either of these ways will work and we’ll toss in asking your neighbors too. Oftentimes, you’ll have noticed on of your neighbors having roofing work done and can ask them afterward about their experience. In truth, asking everyone you know and using their answers in coordination with your online searching will produce the best list of contractors you can call.

Visits & Selection

The next step in the process is scheduling visits with each of the roofers you’re interested in working with. All of them should be happy to provide you with a free roof estimate and their recommendation for your specific circumstance. Pay special attention to their experience with the roofing material you wish to use or that your home or business already uses. Roofing is complex and materials temperamental so it’s best to find out if they’re familiar with it before you move ahead to an estimate with them. Be sure to ask for all relevant information about the contractor during this visit. Here are a few things to ask about:

  • Business Name, Address, Phone
  • Licensing & Bonding
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Work Experience
  • Company References

Get All Your Answers

While the professionals are on your property, you might as well use their expertise to your benefit, right? So, be sure to get answers to any and all the questions you might have about what you’re planning. Ask about timelines and potential delays. Ask about the materials you’re considering and the products that go with it. Seriously, you won’t have this kind of knowledge at your disposal very often so it makes sense to take the opportunity to get insights and answers that could help you save time, money and frustration once the work begins.

Think About Add-On Services

Another excellent tip for homeowners and commercial property owners when meeting with roofing contractors about a project is to consider what else you need done around your home while the roofing is going to take place. Are their other things the contractor could do while they’re there? Perhaps you need new gutters or your old ones repaired. Maybe it’s planning for roof maintenance once the roofing project is complete. No matter what it is, it pays to have all the work completed at one time since that eliminates multiple visits and longer labor times. It’s definitely something smart property owners conder!

Check the Contract

The last item to go over is the contract. This is not the estimate – not even close. Estimates are vague and contain no specifics. Contracts need to have everything lined out clearly so that you as the customer understand what you’re getting into before anything happens on your property. While each contract may be different, there are some things that should be included in every roofing contract you think about signing. If not, you need to avoid that contractor like the plague because all of the following are standard:

  • Necessary Permits
  • Start and Completion Dates
  • All Project Materials
  • Inspection Schedule
  • Specific Site Procedures
  • Applicable Warranties
  • Liens
  • Right-to-Rescind

Enjoy Your Good Decision

If you try your best to follow these tips when it’s time for roofing at your residential or commercial property then you should have no trouble having an excellent experience with any contractor you choose. Or you could simply call Keystone Roofing Systems at (912) 678-4288 or fill out one of our contact forms so that we can call you. That way you know the experience will be stellar and the results even more so!

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